Team creation:

Teams have 1100000 gold to buy the team, rerolls, apothecary, fan factor, cheer leaders, assistant coaches and inducements. All official teams in the CRP are welcome, as well as the three new races (Slann, Chaos Pact, and Underworld.)


Halflings are allowed to buy a Halfling Chef for 100k. Goblins are allowed to buy up to 3 Bribes for 50k each. Halfling, goblin, ogre, underworld and vampire teams may buy up to two star players, but you still need at least 11 regular players in your team. No other inducements are allowed.

Skill packs

Before the tournament begins, you will choose one of the Skill packages and assign skills to your players. These will be the only additional skills your team will have for the tournament. Please make a note on your roster in advance as to what package you choose. No player may be given more than one additional skill. The skills chosen can not be changed between games.
Package A: 1 double and 5 normal skill rolls
You may give 1 player on your team a skill they could obtain on a doubles roll as well as giving 5 other players skills they could obtain on normal skill rolls.

Package B: 2 double and 3 normal skill rolls
You may give 2 players on your team a skill they could obtain on a doubles roll as well as giving 3 other players skills they could obtain on normal skill rolls.

Package C: 3 double and 1 normal skill rolls
You may give 3 players on your team a skill they could obtain on a doubles roll as well as giving 1 other player skills they could obtain on normal skill rolls.

Goblin, Halfling and Ogre teams receive 2 extra normal skills in addition to the skill pack.

Bloody benefits

Vampire teams get the following advantage due to the stadium owners favouring their own.


This is a resurrection tournament. Casualties are ignored at the end of the game, no SPPs or winnings are ever earned and your team-value is never calculated. In essence you play with the exact same team all 6 games.

Illegal procedure:

Will not be called in this tournament in order to keep things nice and friendly.

Time limit:

Each game will have 2 hours and 15 minutes to be completed. If the game seems to be progressing too slowly, the referees can place a chess clock with half the time remaining per coach to be used for the rest of the game. When your time has run out you are only allowed to stand your models up, or place them for kickoffs, but may not take any further actions.


No dice hogging, any dice used are allowed to be used by both coaches. Any cocked dice should be rerolled.

Vampire ball mood table

The weather table is replaced by this table.
2: Hungry ball
The ball is hungry and needs blood. The ball will drag the player towards the closest unsuspecting victim with surprising force! The ballcarrier gains blood lust (unless he already has it.) All other players on his team are valid to bite.
3: Flapping ball
The ball flaps its wings wildly, all passes risk that the ball changes trajectory midthrow! -1 to pass rolls. Throw team mate gets -1 only if the thrown player is carrying the ball.
4-5: Playful ball
The ball wants to play and tries to chew on everyone it gets close to. A skillfull player can use this to harm his opponents. Ballcarrier gains stab.
6-8: Sleeping ball
The ball is sleeping and does not affect the game. If this result is rolled on a kickoff, the ball hovers and scatters one square before landing.
9-10: Crooning ball
The ball is gently crooning a mesmerizing song, the ballcarrier can hold the ball next to an opponents ear causing him to fall into a trance. Ballcarrier gains hypnotic gaze.
11: Writhing ball
The ball does not want to be handled and is writhing away from players trying to grab it. -1 on all pick up-, intercept and catch rolls.
12: Screaming ball
The ball screams loudly and distracts the player holding it. The ballcarrier gains bone head.

12+ players on the pitch:

If a team has too many players on the pitch, the surplus players and one extra player will be randomly selected to be removed from play and placed in the reserves box. If the ballcarrier is removed, bounce the ball from the square he was placed in. This does not cause a turnover.

What you need to bring

What would be good to bring

Tournament points

Tournament Match ups:

Tournament pairings will be setup in a bastard swiss style, so you will be paired up with coaches who have similar scores as yourself after each round. You can only play an opponent once in the tournament. If you play a coach for the second time, please notify a referee. There will be no final game, winners are determined by total score after last round. No overtimes will be played!


  1. Strength of schedule
  2. Net TD's plus Net CAS
  3. Total TD's plus Total CAS
  4. Most fouling CAS


Only casualties resulting from a block counts as a casuality for scoring purposes. There will be a separate category on the report card for fouling casualties.


There will be several titles to claim for glory. A single player can only win 1 of the awards marked with a *.

Paint and miniatures

Your miniatures should be painted with at least 3 colours and based. It should also be clear what positional the miniature is intended to be. We encourage you to use the base colouring guidelines.